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This is the beginning of my "blog".  Any number of my customers and  friends have said i should start one, just to inform, particularly my  customers, of new items coming in and answer any questions women may  have regarding care of linens, or answer requests  for particular colors of tablecloths or tea towels.  

For the spring season, i think a number of you have seen the new  printemps tablecloth from france.  it is in tones of yellow/gold with a  light green border.  flowers are scattered throughout.  Sizes i have  available are 63" square and 63" x 98/100".  It  is made in France and has teflon finish to avoid stains.  The 63"  square is very popular.  Another request i often get is for small square  or round tablecloths.  The new "cafe" style table is now popular;  however, France does not make tablecloths this small.   Garnier Thiebaut does carry 45" square cloths, but Garnier, as many of  you know, is expensive.  We are talking $100. minimum for a cloth.

"Anyway", this is all for now.  I am usually at the Reston Flea  Market/Farmers Market at Lake Anne most saturdays unless it rains.  I am  always at the DC Flea at Dulles Expo in Chantilly, Virginia.  The next  show is in July.  I am also at the First Sunday  Arts Festival in Annapolis, Maryland on West Street.  That one is fun  ....


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2016-05-29 19:05:37
Hooray! Your blog is finally on the air!

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